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We’ve reached a critical point. A decision needs to be made about moving teaching online at universities.

Jo’s #MadCovidDiaries 27.9.2020

Jo’s vlog is out now! 

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One thought on “We’ve reached a critical point. A decision needs to be made about moving teaching online at universities.

  1. I think would have done everything could to persuade my 2 now older adults to defer.

    We’re poor. I went to uni in my 30s for a wonderful ‘Mickey mouse’ degree absolutely loved. Both mine same but didn’t love and thought complete waste of money.But jobs wise all were useless and as a money poor working class family mine paying 9k a year regardless of where enrolled, for few hrs online, no f2f uni experience and lifetime of debt cant see why the burden worthwhile this year.

    Even if much harder to get in next yr and courses gone they would have bagged volunteering or paid work which puts them at advantage other end of degree.

    They’ve had tough, really tough lives as child and then adult carers with no support. They’re black. It’s not an equal playing field so they would have been cheated out of their one funded chance. And I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I had let them go without a word. Not specialist degrees so different to others – real bums on seats courses .

    I dont think anyone should have to teach or learn f2f right now and I dont have answers on the financial hit unis would have taken.

    But online just not worth the money for poorer students given all unis can charge the same . And this lockdown with students starting this term always going to happen.

    I miss polys so much, the whole concept and apprenticeships with day release. Shite time to be that age. Shite choices. Doing my head in and feel for you so much. Pressure on ppl just relentless.


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