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Our zine is finally ready for you to download! Thank you to everyone who submitted their work.

Quaranzine grew out the idea that lots of us have already survived extended periods of isolation and restriction of movement – through ill health, state-enforced detention or just a need to be alone. We wanted to amplify the voices of people with mental heath problems/chronic illnesses, those of us who’ve been detained and self-described introverts, to find out how we were relating to the lockdown.

It is a mix of art, practical advice, personal experiences, playlists and even a recipe! I hope it offers a different perspective on how we survive isolation in a way that other narratives on the pandemic may have missed.

You can also find a list of resources that are mentioned in the zine here.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, please consider donating to our Hardship Fund for people with a mental health condition who are in financial need during COVID19. Mad Covid is an entirely unfunded group.

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