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Quarantine Quiztacular

Matt’s Midweek Quarantine Quiztacular was born out of two things Matt was really missing during lockdown- hanging out with friends and sharing fun and stupid facts with them. We wanted to create a welcoming space where anyone could come and hang out, play a quiz that doesn’t take itself too seriously and interact with other players. I think we’ve made a pretty good go at it so far!

The quiz aims to be a space that MadCovid community members can enjoy, but it is open to all members of the public. Each week, we feature something that the MadCovid community have created or share some of the good things the MadCovid fund is helping to achieve. Participants are encouraged to donate to the fund, but getting folks to stop and think about the difficulties that mentally ill and neurodiverse people face during a pandemic is just as important.

The format is super simple: Matt sets questions loosely based around four themes and users try to answer them. Players can get involved by filling out digital answer sheets or just by chatting with other users in the quiz chat room. You can expect some outrageous (and sometimes salacious) facts, trivia levels that everyone can enjoy and of course, generous helpings of dancing between rounds.

Matt spends the whole week thinking up good questions for MadCovid’s weekly Quarantine Quiztacular. Any spare few minutes he manages to find are spent on him submitting his PhD in Medieval Literature. He also lives with Bipolar 2 disorder as well as some long term physical disabilities, and is always happy to talk about the harm that lazy thinking and unhelpful attitudes can have towards those living with disability. He’s also pretty happy to talk about horror films, video games, D&D and poetry, so maybe don’t get him started on any of those.

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