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MadCovid Fund


Thank you for all you kind donations and support

Mental health services and support have been at breaking point for a very long time, and many people with a mental health condition / illness or who experience emotional distress will suffer in all manner of ways given the outbreak of Covid-19.

We have set up a fundraiser for those who struggle with mental illness who are facing financial hardship during these unprecedented times who are living in the UK.

How much can I apply for?

We would like to be able to offer small pots of money up to £200 based on people’s individual circumstances.  Please be aware, at the moment, only in exceptional circumstances will someone recieve £200.  This may change, depending on how much we raise. 

Who can apply for the fund?

Anyone living in the UK who has a mental health condition / illness or who experiences emotional distress.

Some examples of things people may be in need of include:

  • Taxi fares to and from essential mental health appointments: it is important to avoid public transport because of social distancing, but it is also crucial that people with mental illnesses access any appointments they might have (e.g. psychiatrist, therapist, community mental health team).

  • Kitchen appliances which will help with food storage and cooking, such as microwaves or freezers: many people with mental illnesses live without such items due a lack of money and manage in regular times, but faced with lockdown and an increased need to store and cook food, these items are now essential.

  • Increased household bills such as internet data and fuel: those who are suddenly out of work will be faced with more time at home, but way less income.

  • Home deliveries of shopping and other essential items, especially for people in crisis who can normally go out and about when well.

If you require any support based on the eamples given above or for anything else we have not covered, please complete this form.

Who is organising the fundraiser?

All grants will be verified by at least two fund co-ordinators: Jo Edge, Bethan Edwards and @NellAitch. You can find more out more about us by clicking on the donation page.

As people who still use or have survived the system, we can’t imagine what it must be like for those in crisis, or unable to access funds or look for work, at the moment. We appreciate your help.

Apply HERE



Feedback from grant recipients:

Hi I’m Alex and I’m the OT on Morlais ward which is a 10 bed adult psychiatric ward in South Wales. During the lockdowns staff and patients have had to find new ways of engaging in meaningful occupations and often finding new meaningful occupations along the way. As patients have not been able to get off the ward to participate in some of the excellent third sector activities provided we have had to bring the activities to the ward. The MadCovid fund has been a huge bonus to Morlais Ward by helping us provide resources to keep activities fun and fresh during some very challenging times. The staff and patients at Morlais ward would like to offer MadCovid a huge thanks for all their work.

Bryngofal ward is a 18 bed acute assessment and treatment unit for adults. During COVID-19 both patients and staff have had to adapt to a new way of functioning. As our ward has a ‘red zone’ where patients with suspected symptoms (and mental health needs) are assessed, we noticed an increase in occupational deprivation because people can’t routinely go for walks in local area, can’t just pop to the shop, can’t do their normal routine. The MadCovid fund has enabled us develop new routine whilst following social distancing measures. This includes having yoga mats to exercise inside, a radio to listen to if self-isolating, a netball hoop and ball to exercise in the courtyard, soil and plants to make the ward garden a place everyone wants to be. Thank you MadCovid!

I’m isolated in a hostel with severe PTSD and only go out once a week for a free food bag. Thank you so much MadCovid for connecting me to the world outside with delivery of an Amazon Fire tablet… it’s the best medication I’ve had for ages!

I have been so thankful for the grant from the MadCovid hardship fund. Covid-19 rendered me sick, isolated, severely depressed and without adequate nutritious food. The grant made a huge difference and I’m forever grateful.

Thank you so much for being a light in the darkness. You helped ease my worries and inspired me to go on during these difficult times. I am so grateful. THANK YOU.

Oh my god this is really wonderful, thank you! This is really a load off. Thank you.

Thank you so much! 😢 Finally some good news. 

Oh my god. Thank you so much for doing this. If I’m ever in the position to repay it I shall pay into the fund so someone else can benefit from it. 

I am an zero hours teacher at an outside learning centre so have zero cash coming in at the moment. This money is essential in helping me pay bills, purchase groceries and pay for my anti-anxiety prescription which is needed more than ever. Thank you so much. 

Thank you so so so much for this, I am greatly appreciative. I think it is absolutely amazing what you are doing and I am so grateful for the help.

For support and advice applying for benefits please see the following document, which was put together by one of our diarists, @Mugamnesty. We thank them for their excellent work!

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