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Welcome to #MadCovidVoices

Mad Covid Voices aims to amplify the voices of people using secondary, tertiary and inpatient services during the Covid19 pandemic. It grew out of our Mad Covid Diaries project as a way to involve more people, who didn’t feel like writing a diary to get their voices heard!

People can take part by answering a few questions about their experiences in writing, over skype or over the phone – basically, whatever way’s easiest for them – and we share these experiences anonymously in our #MadCovidVoices blog. People can also take part without having any quotes shared if they prefer.

Interview Transcripts

Some people who have taken part also gave consent to share a transcript of their interview in full. We we will releasing these over the coming weeks, available to read below. We have changed their names and removed any identifiable information to protect their anonymity.

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