As a meme I saw recently said: all lifting lockdown means is that there’s space for you in ICU now.

Human Bean’s #MadCovidDiaries, Week 19: July 27th – August 2nd

How has this week been, compared to other weeks?

The first part of the week I felt very fatigued and suffered with low mood. We actually went out and met up with some people (at a distance) at the end of this week though. I wasn’t looking forward to it and it didn’t feel worth the risk to me – but despite myself I have to admit that getting out and doing something (and seeing the kids enjoying themselves) did me a lot of good. My mood lifted though it’s wobbling again now. I wonder if I’m feeling isolated. It was good to be outside, see different people, do different things. It refreshed me and broadened my horizons again. Maybe what I’m feeling now is actually a bit of a comedown from that.

How are you feeling about COVID now?

Just as worried as ever. I think the fear that was instilled in us when the government wanted to put lockdown in place back in March, is still true to me. I remember my birthday in April when almost a thousand people died from it in a day in the UK. As a meme I saw recently said: all lifting lockdown means is that there’s space for you in ICU now (and I suppose, covid is less widespread in the population now than it was – but it’s just as potentially dangerous if you do get it). I don’t like going out and with the added risk I’m even more reluctant to make too many unnecessary trips. We have some things coming up where I’ll have to though. An eye test this week. I think my daughter has a squint and we need to check before she starts school. Thankfully she usually doesn’t mind wearing a mask despite being below the age where it’s mandatory. Hers has cats on and she likes to wear a mask ‘like mummy’. What a strange time for her to be growing up in. Things seem normal to her and we’ve been careful to try to be honest (in an age appropriate way) but also try to protect the kids from the worst of it, try to emphasise the fun in the everyday things we can still do. My 4 year old understands that there is a virus but she generally feels safe and quite happy, which I’m grateful for. 

What’s next? 

Well, into August we go. That signals a month for us until elder daughter starts school and my spouse returns to teaching in a school. I bet this month is going to go so fast, and I don’t want it to! 

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