Quaranzine Resources

This is a list of all the resources mentioned in our zine, Quaranzine. We also have a Mad Covid Support page with other resources which you may find useful. Please check them out!


F You, I’m Still Alive, Nell’s Quarantine Spotify Playlist

Reasons To Be Cheerful: ignoring the apocalypse, Amelia’s Spotify Playlist

Everything Will Be Alright, Alaina’s Spotify Playlist

Learning to Draw: free online art classes. Compiled by Helen Leigh-Phippard

Sketchbooks: an online course

Angela Fehr’s Watercolour Jumpstart course

Paint your feelings:

Weekly Art Lessons Staycation series (especially for the lockdown)

Cathy Johnson has a YouTube channel full of mini tutorials

Quarantine draw-alongs

10 University art classes you can take for free online

Strathmore Artist Papers Online Drawing Classes:

Artists Network Classes

Arty Factory Lessons

Tips for Artists & Curators in Lockdown by Hamja Ahsan 

Learn from prisoners in solitary confinement who are in lockdown 23 hours a day but manage to keep their imagination alive

Free Talha Ahsan archive

Photo Requests From Solitary: What Would Someone in Solitary Confinement Want to See?

BOOK: Hell Is A Very Small Place: Voices from Solitary Confinement

ZINE: Survivors manual: How to survive in solitary confinement. A zine written by prisoners in solitary confinement for others in solitary confinement

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