My OCD: Seeing Red

Hope’s #MadCovidDiaries – 6.5.2020 TW: OCD, sexual abuse, STDs, self-harm, hallucinations, disordered thinking After the recent discourse surrounding OCD and the pandemic— which, in short, seems to be suggesting it is helpful or desirable— I decided that this week I would write about my experience of OCD and why this discourse is harmful. Many membersContinue reading “My OCD: Seeing Red”

Waiting on the Cliff Edge: The crisis of quarantine for the mentally ill.

Retropxssy‘s #MadCovidDiaries TW: Suicide, Anorexia, COVID deaths I feel as though I have been left to die. I am one of the 1 in 4 people in the world affected by a  mental health problem. ‘Normally’, despite diagnoses of complex trauma, anorexia, anxiety and depression, I’m pretty high functioning. A lot of the time, aContinue reading “Waiting on the Cliff Edge: The crisis of quarantine for the mentally ill.”

For my loved one

TW: Abortion, eating distress, health anxiety Hope’s #MadCovidDiaries – 23.4.2020 Thanks for the dance, and the baby you carried It was almost a daughter or a son                                     — Leonard Cohen, Thanks for the Dance, 2019 You don’t like this song, because it makes you think about dying, about saying thank you as a goodbye.Continue reading “For my loved one”