Quaranzine! – call for submissions

A zine about isolation, connectedness and survival in dark times

Quaranzine will be a zine on surviving the isolation and restriction of movement we now all face in the coming months. It was dreamed up by Nell, who wanted to draw on her own experience of isolation from forced detention in hospital to happier ‘stay home’ times as a life-long introvert.

The zine will gather ideas, tips and stories for surviving extended periods of isolation. Nell is particularly interested to hear from fellow introverts, chronically ill folk and those who’ve been detained or spent extended periods in hospital. Lots of us have been coping with isolation for years and are in a unique position to understand surviving in these difficult times. 

Send Nell stories, comics, lists, satire and whatever else you can dream up!

Ideas to explore:

  • Tips for surviving isolation
  • Your introvert superpowers
  • Stories on how you survived in the past
  • Playlists, recipes, schedules, satire and more!

Contact: nellweirdo@gmail.com

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