Michelle in full PPE gear

I am a contemporary interdisciplinary D.I.Y ex-squatter practising artist, my work  explores our emotions – the human condition, how we survive and thrive on our journey through life.

I have won a number of awards including the Julian Sullivan award whilst at the Slade School of fine art, NatWest Bank award for Arts 1999 and whilst  artistic director at CoolTan Arts (squat turned charity run by and for people with disabilities  winning some 27 awards )see: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/audio-video/2015-gsk-impact-awards-cooltan-arts

As a young person expelled from school I was into Punk,  I made my own clothes and got involved with DIY arts activities and activism such as the anti-Nazi league and squatting.

My piece Miss Havisham’s wedding dress has been shown at the Bethlehem Museum of the Mind, as part of a service user art exhibition. Some of my photos have been chosen for a current project run by Liv Torc for the #haiflu film project responding to Covid-19. I have also been supported by Live Arts Development Agency to develop my live walking performances.  

Since 2006 I have worked collaboratively developing The Largactyl Shuffle. This project is named after Chlorpromazine, one of the first anti-psychotic drugs, whose side effects included a deterioration of motor functions that often manifest in a slow shuffling walk. I have co-designed psychogeographical walks with CoolTan Arts participants and encouraged them to plan, design and develop walks using the concept of psychogeographical maps. The Largactyl Shuffle has been commissioned by the Southbank Centre for Liberty Festival (Disabled peoples arts festival which no longer takes place), the Science Museum and now by Southwark Council’s Public Health department, bringing art to new audiences and new places.

I am currently working on pieces related to the here and now using drawing, poetry video and journalling. I have been making living room broadcasts to the world. My partner has been in hospital early on with CV-19. I have stories to tell, through poems and singing. As a disabled person I know people who are at risk and shielding as I am at risk too. I have unsent letters written to MPs.

I have been invited to exhibit on a wall in Vigo in Spain in July/August 2020 and have shown work in the USA, Israel, Germany and Belgium as part of many art projects. I have work currently on many web sites. If you like my work please do get in touch via mbfcsra@gmail.com  

Michelle’s #MadCovidDiaries

This will pass

This will pass

@DyslxicRant’s Photographic #MadCovidDiaries

I’m in quarantine. It’s not a good place to be, because its scary, plagues are scary. Government needs to take responsibility for putting our lives in danger.

Michelle‘s @DyslxicRant’s #MadCovidDiaries Michelle has been creating vlogs about her experiences of COVID19 during Lockdown. Here you can catch up on some! We hope to feature more of Michelle’s work over the next few weeks. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. We ask that you seek our permission beforeContinue reading “I’m in quarantine. It’s not a good place to be, because its scary, plagues are scary. Government needs to take responsibility for putting our lives in danger.”

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