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I’m a freelance writer mostly covering health, education and parenting. I live with my husband, two kids, two cats and long-standing mental illness.

Lucy’s #MadCovidDiaries

Since lockdown began, my bright, carefree, sociable girl has had her life turned upside down. Her bedroom is her classroom; her schoolwork set online.

Lucy’s #MadCovidDiaries 25.6.2020  She’s not a talker, my nine-year-old daughter. Not about her feelings, anyway. Even when she was in Reception, her teacher commented on how she never cried. ‘Sometimes I can see she really wants to,’ she said, ‘but she won’t let herself.’ She’s like me in that respect. I grew up keeping my…

Rather than lockdown, we’re in limbo

Lucy’s #MadCovidDiaries 10.6.2020  @lucywriter As Covid-19 restrictions slowly ease, I find myself wondering whether we’re still in lockdown. In some ways, it no longer feels like lockdown now I can see my friends and family (albeit at a 2m distance and not on a rainy day unless we’re willing to get drenched in the park),…

This pandemic is killing us for different reasons.

Lucy’s #MadCovidDiaries 24.5.2020  TW: Self harm, suicide and thoughts of suicide are discussed throughout. ‘This pandemic is killing us for different reasons.’ Is it Week 8 of lockdown? Week 9? I don’t even know any more. All the days are blurring into one, all as bleak as each other. Life may be the same, the…

Having my treatment come to such an abrupt end was devastating….I was far from stable, and the prospect of suddenly having my support withdrawn was frightening.

Lucy’s #MadCovidDiaries 18.4.2020  TW: Suicide There was a shocked silence in the lounge area of the acute day treatment unit (ADTU): a silence that lasted a good 60 seconds. Then the questions started. Did we have to go home right now? Would we get home visits? What was going to happen about medication management? It…

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