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Darren’s #MadCovidDiaries

“The DWP’s human rights abuses we are experiencing will be written into history along with our protests and descent. From one person on benefits to another, you are valuable.”

TW: DWP Darren’s #MadCovidDiaries 31.03.2021 Had me PIP benefits stopped this week. Which also took away part of my ESA. An act of violence by the DWP, and the government which dictates. I’ve said for a long time that survival is the best you can do on benefits, because survival for me is about managing…

I fear the next year or so there’s going to be such a huge crisis with society failing those who fall deeper into poverty and grief, and that many many people will suffer alone.

Darren’s #MadCovidDiaries #MadDiaries 16.7.2020 TW: Suicide and Self Harm Chronic insomnia is a real arse. ‘Real’ as it seems to be swept under every bloody carpet. I tell support workers, previous CPN’s etc about this problem and well they don’t want to talk about that they want to talk about anxiety or depression instead. I…

I think everyday about other people suffering with abuse and more than ever in the current situation it renders me speechless, heartbroken and angry.

Darren’s #MadCovidDiaries, 29.06.20 For the first time in my life I’m able to use the word depression as a descriptive term to apply to my self. I’ve been experimenting with using this with friends and it seems to be going ok. I’ve had both chronic depression as a diagnosis and depression from the same GP,…

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