Mad Makers : Episode 4, with @stitching_4_change

Cross-stitching! This month’s episode saw us creating our first ever Mad Makers packs and posting them off to crafty folk across the UK – and we were pleasantly surprised how quickly they were snapped up! It was also the first time that someone approached us about recording an episode. @stitching_4_change first encountered Mad Covid atContinue reading “Mad Makers : Episode 4, with @stitching_4_change”

Mad Makers : Episode 2

Flower pressing & making cards Welcome back, makers! This is month we’re breaking things up into an easy-going 2 parter. Flower pressing, which takes 5-10 minutes (and about 2 weeks left alone to press), and making cards, which take about 5 minutes each. Thank you so much to everyone who engaged with our last episode,Continue reading “Mad Makers : Episode 2”