Hope’s #MadCovidDiary 24.3.2020

Tuesday 24 March 2020 I started having very irregular periods in the middle of February. I had a very heavy, early period, and then I had about a week’s break. From the beginning of March I’ve had continuous, period-like bleeding all month and it’s doing my fucking head in.  So I went to the doctorsContinue reading “Hope’s #MadCovidDiary 24.3.2020”

Emilie #MadCovidDiaries 24.3.2020

Emile @gothcat_emilie writes about her experiences living in a European country that has been on lock down for a number of weeks…. TW: COVID and its impact on mental health Quarantine is slowly recreating, through external factors, everything I once would have considered symptoms of me going into a breakdown again. Not leaving my house?Continue reading “Emilie #MadCovidDiaries 24.3.2020”