Mad Covid Voices, with Alex

13th April 2020 How has your care changed since COVID19? I’m in a DBT programme in my health ward, but I had only just started, I’d had 6-8 appointments with my therapist and 1 group appointment, and then everything stopped. I think they’ve stopped the whole DBT programme and, as far as I’m aware, myContinue reading “Mad Covid Voices, with Alex”

COVID-19 and the normalisation of mental illness

Ashley Curry, Jo Edge and Ruth Ann Harpur CW: references to suicide, mental illness and psychiatry Lucy Johnstone’s assertion in her Guardian letter (25 March 2020) of needing a ‘normalising approach’ to COVID-19 and that we are ‘all in this together’ risks minimising the enormous impact of the pandemic on mental health and mental illnessContinue reading “COVID-19 and the normalisation of mental illness”