Mad Makers – coming this Monday!

Mad Makers, a new project from Mad Covid will be launching this Monday 27th September!

The last Monday of each month, the mad makers will bring you an arts-and-crafts video via our Mad Covid youtube channel and Instagram. They’re small projects which we hope will be financially accessible (if not free) and actually fun! We’ll also have episodes which don’t use any scissors or sharp objects, so folks in hospital can join in too.

Sometimes we’ll take ideas from art therapy, sometimes we’re inspired by other creators and sometimes a totally bonkers idea appears out of nowhere..! Who knows what’ll happen.

We’ll be creating a gallery on the website for pictures of crafts that other mad makers have created at home. If you decide to get involved you can email us pictures at If you’re a keen crafter of some sort yourself, and you have ideas for small projects or would like to get involved, please also get in touch at the same email,– we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a little introduction for you till Monday, see you Mad Makers then!

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