Am I the only one that gave myself social burnout in week one of a lockdown?

Human Bean’s first #MadCovidDiaries Diary

Week 1: March 23rd to March 29th 2020

This week I went way over the top with socialising online. I think I threw myself into it because it made stuff accessible to me that I couldn’t manage to get to otherwise. Am I the only one that gave myself social burnout in week one of a lockdown?

Thankfully I’ve also thrown myself into crafting; I’ve started crocheting again and having something to do with my hands, seeing a blanket growing, it’s soothing me.

The kids don’t really understand what’s going on. 4 year old is due to start school in September and it breaks my heart she won’t be going back to her much loved preschool. I’ve tried to explain but I don’t think she’s ever had to deal with something so final. I live in dread of trying to explain grief if/when we lose loved ones.

My 2 year old is largely oblivious, and rampages round the house reminding everyone that childhoods continue, time passes, and kids grow up whether I’m ready for it or not.

My therapist sent me a booklet called Coping with Global Uncertainty, or something. I’ve forwarded it to several friends despite not having taken the time to read it myself. I’m also meant to have a set “worry time” each day and I’m crap at sticking to it. Today I was doing a jigsaw with 2 year old when the timer went off.

I’ve only got two sessions (by phone) left of therapy now. I mentioned to the therapist that I’m worried about it ending, at a time when I will be needing the support. He said it was a ‘hypothetical worry’ and that they aren’t taking any referrals (or re-referrals) now, the waiting lists are frozen. So glad I mentioned it.

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